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Wilde Engineering - Month 1

October  12, 2020

A Call from The Owner’s Mom

One month down for Wilde Engineering and things are starting to roll! The nervous pit in my stomach disappeared, the adrenaline is running high, and I am building some great relationships within the industry. I recently called Allyssa after a meeting with a potential client and said “Lyss, we are going to make it. Each lead I meet with seems excited to work with me. I envision a dam holding back a lake of projects and it is ready to burst!” It is not that I did not believe Wilde was going to be great when I started it. I was nervous about the uncertainty of it all.

Let us start off with a funny story. For anyone that knows my mom, it is one that will not surprise you. Wilde legally started back in June of 2020; paperwork with the NC Secretary of State was filed, a bank account was set up, and I began to work on my software setup. I was just waiting for the right time to make the leap. I was projecting 2021 as the right time. But, as we all know, you just have to do it and make it work.

Fast forward to late August. I made the decision that it was time. I called my parents to let them know what was going on and they were excited. They were also nervous, but incredibly supportive. They knew this was my dream, they just did not know that dream was going to be a reality so soon.

With 2020 being such a crazy year, it has also been a year of achievements for me. I bought a house in February (2 weeks before the interest rates dropped to the basement), I bought an engagement ring in July (proposed in September), and started Wilde. Of course, my parents were in tune with all the happenings. But unfortunately, all the happenings in one year gave my mom a cause for concern. My phone rang 2 days after I told them I put my two weeks’ notice and was starting my own company. It was my mom. I could tell when I answered her tone was one of concern. “Matt, I just need to ask. You bought a house, you are getting engaged, you quit a great job, and you started your own company. Are you mentally okay? Do you need to tell me something?”. I could not do anything but laugh because when she put it all into perspective, it really did sound crazy. House, engagement, company. All during a pandemic! Luckily, I was able to convince her I was not off my rocker.

Call me crazy, by the end of each weekend I always look forward going into work. It was hard to return from vacations , but on a typical Sunday I was ready to get back into the office. Now I have that feeling  every day. Each night before going to bed I think about the next day’s tasks, and  how can I make Wilde better? Who can I meet with? How can I get Wilde’s name out there more? When I wake up it is no different, each morning’s play session with the dogs seems to get shorter and shorter because I want to fire up the computer. That day’s tasks to make Wilde better call my name loudly.  

Growing up in an Italian family, Matt has always been family focused

When I first started in this industry, I was nervous when I attended a meeting. Now, I am excited. I count down the days or hours before my next meeting. Maybe this newfound confidence is from experience or the pre-meeting prep. Either way it has been beneficial. I have said it before, but I enjoy the business development and marketing side of this. Meeting face to face with people is my favorite way to communicate. Phone calls and emails are fine, but it is hard to convey the drive I have to make Wilde a great company.

The metaphoric dam I mentioned earlier in this blog is something I believe. In just the last two weeks, I have had about half a dozen meetings with different clients and industry professionals that can help Wilde grow. Next week includes three more. I am optimistic this will lead to flood of projects in the coming few months. The foundation is being laid right now for a strong log of work.

The projects I have done up to this point were finished so quickly because I was chomping at the bit to get to them. They have produced great results and feedback; two things I hope to receive with every project Wilde works on.

The last 30 days have been a great learning experience, an exciting adventure; started by a decision that I do not regret at all. If the first month for Wilde is any indication of what the future holds, things are going to be great. Not even the next month, but the next year is going to be exciting. I will get to see Wilde grow and compare it to the benchmarks I have set. And just like the excitement I have for each workday; I cannot wait to watch this company I have created progress. Progress into a staple firm in Charlotte and the Carolinas!

Matt Lewis, PE 

Founder, President, and New Fiance 

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